What is Tapli Honey

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Black Sea, Ajara holds a special and distinctive position between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. This enchanting land is celebrated for its sprawling coastline, verdant green landscapes, majestic mountains, and its extraordinary production of wild honey.

Why is Tapli honey so special?

Tapli, meaning honey in Georgian, only sells exceptionally rare, wild, organic honey that has been created in the untouched Ajara region by the country’s native bee, the Georgian Grey Bee.

The Georgian Grey Bee is unique in its gentle but resilient character. And while the bee’s intrinsic gentleness allows it to collect nectar in larger quantities, its relentless resilience means that it is able to fly in all conditions, gathering nectar from a wider range of flowers year round. Unlike other honey bees, the Grey Bee fills each comb to the brim before moving onto the next one, resulting in abundant harvesting.

But what really sets the Georgian Grey Bee apart from other honey bees is its prolonged proboscis (or tongue.) Of all honey bees, the Grey Bee has the longest proboscis, allowing it to reach nectar from the deepest part of the plant, typically inaccessible to its competitors. The result? A multi floral, premium honey with inimitable health benefits.

Sustainability at Tapli

At Tapli, we recognize that the Georgian Grey Bee is undoubtedly the hero of every jar of our luxury honey. We also believe that it is imperative that we protect these noble creatures and their environment.

Therefore, our beehives are strategically placed in secluded villages, nestled within biodiverse surroundings and encircled by forests and many different species of plants. They are situated far away from potential sources of contamination, including densely populated areas, industrial zones, non-organic farms and roads. Not only does this result in decadent, multi floral flavors, but it also ensures that the bees live in a protected, pristine environment.

Before harvesting the bees are left undisturbed as much as possible. And it should also go without saying—although sadly this is seldom the case—that the harming of bees during harvest is strictly prohibited, including the clipping of wings and the use of synthetic chemical repellents or smoking.

Bio Certification

eu organic Frequently audited by Caucascert Ltd, Jara honey is bio-certified as a product that contributes to the maintenance of agro ecosystems, promotes health and advocates for animal welfare. Caucascert Ltd is the leading certification company in Georgia, operating according to the “Green Caucasus” quality system and accredited by Germany.


Georgia In 2020, Jara honey production was granted Intangible Cultural Heritage status by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. And at the very heart of Tapli, we too, are dedicated to preserving this age-old, eco-conscious tradition and supporting Georgia’s rural beekeepers.