Launched in 2023, Tapli is a female-founded business led by high-achieving individuals, Mzia Bekuraidze and Dawn Cloutier. Upon visiting her home country, Georgia, Mzia first discovered the transcontinental country’s luxury honey. Superior to any other she’d tasted, the luxury aficionado recognized something special in Mother Nature’s untamed treat.

Intrigued by the decadence of the honey, Mzia visited the beekeepers to learn what they did differently. During her visits, she discovered that the beekeepers, in fact, did very little. They simply allowed the Georgian Grey Bees to create the honey in the most pristine environment. Unique to the Adjara region, the Grey Bee has the longest proboscis (tongue) with the ability to reach the deepest (and most nutrient-dense) part of the plants. Coupled with the Adjara region’s unparalleled biodiversity, pristine habitat and perfect climate, the result was a multi-floral honey that is nutrient-dense and bursting with flavor.

Mzia realized that these specifications were impossible to replicate in other parts of the world. She also knew that this exquisite product had to be experienced by others. Arriving home, she approached fellow-entrepreneur and highly-discerning individual, Dawn, and together they made the decision to bring Georgian honey to the United States.


Dawn Cloutier

Before co-founding Tapli & Co, Dawn Cloutier spent 35 years in a series of progressive roles across functions, geographies and brands at Pepsico. She holds an MBA from Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University where she focused on International Business. As a General Manager at Pepsico and Certified Public Accountant, Dawn has gained significant experience in operations, corporate strategy, brand sales and marketing. Together with a competitive spirit and deep interest in holistic wellness, she brings a broad spectrum of business capabilities and attributes to bear at Tapli & Co.


Mzia Bekuraidze

Tapli co-owner, Mzia Bekuraidze, brings to the table a 20+ year tenure in the luxury industry. The experienced founder has worked with some of the world’s best known and influential fashion houses, including Prada, Valentino, Donna Karan, VBH Luxury and is accredited with growing Elie Saab from the ground up to achieve $10M in annual sales upon her departure.

Throughout her impressive career, Mzia has sharpened both her creative vision and business acumen, developing skills in management, ranging from merchandising and recruitment to financial planning. But perhaps most importantly, she has developed a finely tuned sense for the needs of the world’s most highly-discerning individuals—an awareness that motivates the impossibly high quality standards at Tapli & Co.