This premium honey is meticulously crafted under specific conditions, seeking to recreate the ancient methods used by the Georgian Grey Bee centuries ago, with minimal human intervention. According to local folklore, these industrious bees were first discovered nesting in tree hollows, affectionately called “the bee tree”. Inspired by this natural wonder, the ingenious inhabitants decided to replicate these habitats by gathering swarms of wild bees and placing them in hollowed-out wooden logs called Jara.

Having garnered favor among prominent historical figures and elite royalty, this exquisite honey boasts a history that can be traced back over 5000 years, as was famously found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. And while the advent of frame beehives led to a great decline in Jara beehives, the pristine region of Ajara, located in Western Georgia’s mountains has devoutly preserved this sustainable, celebrated process. Today, a mere ten dozen skilled beekeepers are entrusted with cultivating this luxury honey, adhering strictly to regulations and procedures to ensure the authentic acclaim that accompanies the Adjara locale.

As sole distributors of Jara honey in the United States, you won’t find this premium honey anywhere else except in a jar of Tapli’s sweetly soul-stirring, sticky goodness.

Georgian Beekeeper Union for Tapli & Co.

Health benefits of Jara honey

  • The microbial activity in Jara honey is 50% higher than other types. Because the Mountain Grey Bee is able to reach the deepest part of the flower, our premium honey is more qualitative and nutrient dense.
  • Jara honey has a low glucose and high fructose content. This means that it is absorbed more slowly and evenly, making it fantastic for endurance training, improving blood cholesterol levels and aiding diabetes. Foods with a high fructose content also help to burn fat while sleeping and increase stamina.
  • Jara honey has high antioxidant levels, supporting active skin cell renewal, stimulating collagen production and fighting acne. High antioxidant levels are also great for fighting cancer.
  • Jara honey has a very low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, acting as a slow release antiseptic.
  • It has elevated levels of Butyric Acid, a substance known to lower the risk of colon cancer, specifically.
  • Jara honey has a higher percentage of prebiotics and probiotics, making it a natural solution to stomach issues.
  • It is completely organic, meaning it is void of any harmful chemicals or pesticides.