Found in the lush Ajara region on the shores of the Black Sea, Mountain Grey Caucasian Bees work throughout the year to create the world’s most complex and hypnotic honey, Tapli.



Raw, unpasteurized and organic, our Acacia honey reflects the abundance of wild flowers found in the untouched Ajara region.



Reflecting the pristine beauty and unparalleled diversity of the rugged Caucasus mountains, Georgian Alpine honey won platinum at the London Honey Awards 2023.



Collected from traditional linden wood hives, our Jara honey reflects the same process that has been adopted in Georgia for over 5000 years. This irreplicable honey mirrors 100% full circle biodiversity—conscious honey that heroes the indigenous Grey Bee.

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Unique amongst honey bees, the Georgian Grey Bee has the longest tongue, allowing it to reach the rich nectar from the deepest part of the plant. Bottling this together with the region’s exquisite climate, pristine environment and unparalleled biodiversity, we consider every jar of Tapli honey a divine gift—bestowed directly from nature itself.

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Jara honey

Jara honey is meticulously crafted under specific conditions, seeking to recreate the ancient methods used by the Georgian Grey Bee centuries ago, with minimal human intervention. According to local folklore, these industrious bees were first discovered nesting in tree hollows, affectionately called “the bee tree”. Inspired by this natural wonder, the ingenious inhabitants decided to replicate these habitats by gathering swarms of wild bees and placing them in hollowed-out wooden logs called Jara.